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Running SCION in a virtual machine – static public IP address


If you do not have a static public IP address or you cannot receive traffic on UDP port 50000, you should instead connect to the SCION network via VPN.

Simply follow all the steps under Prerequisites in the tutorial for a VPN-based setup until the end of Step One – download a SCION VM.

There, instead of directly clicking on Create and Download SCIONLab VM Configuration, unselect Use an OpenVPN connection for this AS and and enter your host's public IP address in the input field.

Afterwards, follow all subsequent steps in the tutorial for a VPN-based setup.


Make sure that your router properly forwards UDP port 50000 to the machine where the SCION VM is running. If you have tshark installed, you can verify the arrival of the SCION beacon messages from the neighboring border router with tshark udp and port 50000.