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The bwtester application

The bandwidth testing application bwtester enables a variety of bandwidth tests on the SCION network. Installation and usage are described below. Documentation of the code and protocol are described in the bwtester README.


To install bwtestclient and bwtestserver (and all SCIONLab apps) and get dependencies as listed in vendor file:

make install

For govendor issues, see note [1].


Sample servers are installed at the following locations:

  • 17-ffaa:0:1102,[]:30100
  • 17-ffaa:1:13,[]:30100
  • 17-ffaa:1:f,[]:30100
  • 19-ffaa:1:22,[]:30100

And at the attachment points:

  • 17-ffaa:0:1107,[]:30100
  • 18-ffaa:0:1202,[]:30100
  • 19-ffaa:0:1303,[]:30100
  • 20-ffaa:0:1404,[]:30100

You can test the application as follows (use -c to bind to a different address than localhost):

bwtestclient -s 17-ffaa:0:1102,[]:30100

The application supports specification of the test duration (up to 10 seconds), the packet size to be used (at least 4 bytes), the total number of packets that will be sent, and the target bandwidth. For instance, 5,100,10,1600bps specifies that 10 packets of size 100 bytes will be sent over 5 seconds, resulting in a bandwidth of 1600bps. The question mark ? character can be used as wildcard for any of these parameters. Its value is then computed according to the other parameters. The parameters for the test in the client-to-server direction are specified with -cs, and the server-to-client direction with -sc. So for instance to send 1 Mbps for 10 seconds from the client to the server, and 10 Mbps from the server to the client, you can use this command:

bwtestclient -s 17-ffaa:0:1102,[]:30100 -cs 10,1000,1250,1Mbps -sc 10,1000,12500,10Mbps

For more information run the application without arguments to print its usage.


The server is started as follows:

bwtestserver -p 30100 &

This makes the server bind to localhost and listen on port 30100. Alternatively, it can bind to any other SCION address, specified by -s:

bwtestserver -s 17-ffaa:0:1102,[]:30100 &

[1] govendor: govendor is already installed by the main SCION installation with the supported version. If you don't have govendor installed, you can do so using the following steps:

mkdir $GOPATH/kardianos; cd $GOPATH/kardianos/
git clone
cd ./govendor/
git fetch; git checkout fbbc78e8d1b533dfcf81c2a4be2cec2617a926f7
go install -v