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Building from sources (Linux)

If you're planning to make modifications to SCION implementation, you can build SCION from sources and run your SCIONLab AS with your own version of SCION. For developer's convenience, SCIONLab supports generating configurations that are compatible with the scripts and machinery intended to run SCION in a development environment.

Building SCION from sources requires following a lengthy setup procedure and installing various development dependencies. The development setup is currently supported/documented for Ubuntu 16.04 only. It is possible to build SCION on other systems, but no guidance is provided. To keep it simple, just run Ubuntu 16.04 in a VM or container if you can't/don't want to set it up on your workstation.

Please follow the instructions in the GitHub README to clone and build SCION.


SCIONLab runs a version of SCION built from the branch scionlab in netsec-ethz/netsec-scion. This branch (intentionally) lags behind the scionproto/scion master. As there are still (rarely) breaking changes in the SCION protocol, running master may or may not be compatible with scionlab.


If you only want to develop applications using SCION, you may still rely on the convenience of our pre-built binary packages.

The scion-apps repository contains examples for applications that run on top of SCION.


After having managed to build SCION and after creating or modifying your AS in the SCIONLab coordination website, you can deploy the generated configuration to your machine.

  1. Download the configuration tarfile from the SCIONLab coordination website.
  2. If using VPN, unpack the client.conf to /etc/openvpn/ and start OpenVPN

    sudo systemctl restart openvpn@client
  3. Extract the gen/ subdirectory to your $SC directory.

  4. Restart SCION

    cd $SC stop
    supervisor/ reload  # necessary if supervisor.conf files changed start


The configuration installed with the scionlab-config script as used in the packaged installation, is not directly compatible with supervisord and the machinery.

Running SCION

To build, start and stop SCION, use the developer script, located in the SCION repository.

cd $SC start          # Build and start SCION services start nobuild  # Start, without building status         # Lists failed SCION services stop           # Stop all SCION services

The commands above are essentially a wrapper around supervisord. Alternatively, use the supervisor commands directly, using the supervisor/ helper script.

cd $SC
supervisor/ reload   # Reload supervisord configuration
supervisor/ status   # Show status of all SCION services
supervisor/          # Starts the supervisor shell