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Setup and Run AS Visualizations


SCION-viz is a web-based visualization tool of the SCION topology. Connecting to a running AS infrastructure, it reads and displays information about the network topology.


If you are running SCION in a VM or from a downloaded ARM image, SCION-viz is already installed and running.
Skip to step 4 to see how to use it.

1. Setup on a local system

If you are using the SCIONLab VM distribution you can skip this step, as SCION-viz is already installed.

First, check if PYTHONPATH is set: echo $PYTHONPATH. If it is set, ensure that the scion directory and scion/python directories are both included. If they are missing, you can set PYTHONPATH as follows:

echo 'export PYTHONPATH="$SC/python:$SC"' >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile

Next, you will need to clone the repository as follows:

cd $SC/sub
git clone
cd scion-viz/python/web
pip3 install --user --require-hashes -r requirements.txt
python3 ./ migrate

2. Source Update

This step applies to all uses Local and SCIONLab VM. Update the source for the scion and scion-viz repositories.

./ stop
./ clean
cd $SC
git pull
./ build
./ run nobuild
cd sub/scion-viz
git pull

3. Running

To start SCION-viz, you need to provide the local IP address and port number. Note that SCION-viz is automatically started in the SCIONLab VM environment.

cd $SC/sub/scion-viz/python/web
python3 ./ runserver

4. Using

The AS Visualization can be used from the browser or from the command line.