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Browser AS Visualizations

Starting the Visualization

After updating the latest source code and starting the server, point your browser to to launch the AS Visualization. Even if you run SCION-viz within a VM, you can use the regular browser on your host operating system (Mac or Windows).

Then, enter the "Source AS" ISD-AS pair of your AS. You can find out your ISD and AS number as described in the tutorial Fetching sensor readings or time stamps. Press "Request Data" to fetch updated data.

Viewing the SCION Daemon

The "Data" pull-down menu option "sciond socket" will bind to a socket to communicate with the SCION Daemon. Alternately, you can override the default IP address of the Daemon by entering the address you wish to bind to in the "SCIOND IP Address" text box.


Enter the "Destination AS" ISD-AS pair and the maximum number of paths to retrieve in "Max Paths" and press "Update Paths" to view all announced paths to the destination from the source. The announced paths will be displayed in a combined topology in the window. To view the details of a specific path expand the path's data by clicking on the path number in the window on right side. SCIONLab download page

SCION AS Topology

The composition of services and border routers for the Source AS will be displayed in the AS Topology tab. Click on any circle to view the details of that server or router.


The big circle can be clicked on as well to view details of the Source AS.

SCIONLab download page

Viewing the SCION Local AS

The "Data" pull-down menu option "local gen dir" will display data from the local gen directory.

Local AS Topology

SCIONLab download page

Local ISD Trust Root Configuration

SCIONLab download page

Local AS Certificate

SCIONLab download page