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RAINS, Another Internet Naming Service


This page has not been updated after the latest changes to SCIONLab and is out of date.

RAINS is an alternate protocol for Internet name resolution, designed as a replacement of the Domain Name System (DNS) and is used in SCIONLab.


The following step assume that you are already running a SCION AS. Install the tool rdig, which allows you to make RAINS queries over SCION:

go get

Display the rdig help to learn about the parameters:

rdig --help

Add some convenience functions to your shell to facilitate using rains with the SCION tools until rains support gets integrated natively:

echo 'mydig() { rdig @17-ffaa:0:1107,[] "$@" scionip4 -p 5025 | grep ":A:" | awk "{print \$6}" | sed "s/:scionip4://"; }' >> ~/.profile
echo 'myHost() { echo `cat $SC/gen/ia | tr "_" ":"`,[]; }' >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile

Making queries

To the resolver running in the Attachment Point:

rdig @17-ffaa:0:1107,[] ns1.snet. scionip4 -p 5025

To a rainsd server for the zone node.snet. :

rdig @17-ffaa:0:1107,[] ap17.node.snet. scionip4 -p 55553

Using scmp with rains

$SC/bin/scmp echo -c 3 -local `myHost` -remote `mydig ap17.node.snet.`