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This website provides step-by-step instructions on how to install and run the SCION infrastructure. It also provides a list of interesting projects that are using the SCION infrastructure for communication.

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Getting started

There are generally two ways of installing and running SCION infrastructure. The first way is by downloading and running a preconfigured Virtual Machine (VM), while the second way is manual installation on an Ubuntu 16.04 platform. We cover both approaches in this tutorial.

After installation, we suggest exploring the tips and tricks section below to learn how to use the infrastructure.

Running SCION infrastructure in a VM

The easiest way to run SCION is by running a preconfigured SCION Virtual Machine on a commodity OS (MacOS, Windows). The following tutorials are covering the necessary steps.

Configuring SCION infrastructure manually

The following tutorials cover how to install, configure, and run a SCION infrastructure in a step-by-step manner on a dedicated Ubuntu 16.04 host (without a VM).

1. Installing SCION on different platforms:

2. Setting up SCION topology

Using SCION in projects

SCION tips and tricks

SCION box specifics